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  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • by Will Osborne & Anthony Herrera
  • Directed by George Robert Bailey
  • Performances: August 5-14, 2016

    The Bard’s Town Theatre
    1801 Bardstown Road
    Louisville, KY 40205

    Characters (4 men, 1 woman)

  • Hamilton Orr: a Hollywood producer/director
  • Clark Robinson: a publicist, Hamilton's wife
  • Barbara Orr: a screenwriter
  • Derek Coburn: a film star
  • Sheriff Leroy Lumkpin: the sheriff
  • Crew

  • Producers: Rich Williams & JC Nixon
  • Stage Manager: Janice Walter
  • This riveting mystery comedy will keep audiences guessing as they go on location to an isolated island off the Gulf Coast to watch power-hungry producer director Hamilton Orr lure his timid screenwriter Clark into a scheme to get rid of the insufferable star of their multi-million dollar film. The plot hinges on the rehearsal of a suicide scene, and the only witness to the murder is Hamilton’s wife Barbara, the film’s quirky publicist and Clark’s former lover. The wily, eccentric sheriff unearths one surprise after another until the final stunning revelation.

    Presented by Samuel French, Inc.