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Looking For Lilith

  • Prevailing Winds
  • An Original Production
    Created by Looking for Lilith Theatre Company
  • Directed by Kathi E.B. Ellis
  • Performances: November 6-7, 9*, 12-14, 2015 | 7:30 pm
    November 8 & 14, 2015 | 2:00 pm

    The MeX Theatre
    Kentucky Center for the Arts
    501 W Main Street
    Louisville, KY 40202

    Acting Company

  • Shannon Woolley Allison^
  • Sean Childress
  • J.D. Green
  • Dana Hope
  • Mandi Hutchins
  • Ebony Nolana Jordan^
  • Jennifer Thalman Kelpler^
  • ^LFL Company Member
  • LRC Board Member
  • Design & Production

  • Producer: Haydee Canovas
  • Co-Producer: JC Nixon
  • Stage Manager: Sam Jenkins
  • Scenic Designer: Jill Marie Schierbaum^
  • Projections & Graphic Designer: Holly Stone^
  • Lighting Designer: John Newman
  • Original Music: Erin Fitzgerald
  • Props Managers: Linda and Mandy Cox
  • ^LFL Company Member
  • LRC Board Member
  • Research & Devising Team Members

  • Devising Co-Director: Shannon Woolley Allison^
  • Lauren Argo
  • Haydee Canovas
  • Linda Cox
  • Mandy Cox
  • Kathi E.B. Ellis^
  • Research/Devising Co-Director: Trina Fischer^
  • Arnita Gadson
  • J.D. Green
  • Devising Project Manager: Sam Jenkins
  • Ebony Nolana Jordan^
  • Keith McGill
  • Typh Hainer Merwarth^
  • Jay Marie Padilla
  • Jill Marie Schierbaum^
  • Research Co-Director: Holly Stone^
  • ^LFL Company Member
  • Based on oral histories of residents, industry reps, activists, scientists, environmentalists, the media, and more from Rubbertown and the surrounding neighborhoods, Prevailing Winds tells the stories of Louisville's "Chemical Corridor", in a multi-faceted exploration of the complex interrelationships in this part of our community.

    This play will be LFL's 10th collaboratively created piece, and we have been researching and devising this project throughout the past year and a half. Co-Artistic Director Shannon Woolley Allison says, “the opportunity to tell a story about our hometown is very exciting, and it is the first time we have done so in fourteen years of creating original work.”

    Prevailing Winds is LFL's contribution to the ACA YES! Fest &emdash; A Year of Environment and Sustainability, a year-long celebration of the region's dynamic arts and cultural organizations united, exploring these important issues. As part of our company's commitment to community involvement and partnerships, this production is co-sponsored by Louisville Repertory Company. LFL has received partial funding from Alternate ROOTS, Louisville Metro Council, the Arts and Cultural Attractions (ACA) Network of GLI, and the Kentucky Foundation for Women in support of the research, devising, and production phases of our tenth original work.

    TICKETS: Contact The Kentucky Center Box Office at 502.584.7777 or
    Admission - $20 | $15 - Students/Seniors | *Community Night - $10 | CALL FOR GROUP RATES
    (admission does not include Kentucky Center box office and processing fees)

    LFL's use of The MeX Theater made possible by Louisville Repertory Company