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  • Clearing Up the Rumors — An Update on Louisville Repertory Company

    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017

    Contact or Board Membership Inquiries:
    Angela D. Miller
    Bryce Woodard
    JC Nixon Voicemail: (502) 608-4989

    Recently, the members of Louisville Repertory Company have made some major decisions about the future of the company, and there have been a lot of questions and rumors. We would like to clear up the facts about what has been decided, what steps we are taking now, and what we are working toward in the future.
    LRC has been producing exciting, inspiring theatre for over two decades, and as a nonprofit entity made up of people volunteering their time, we have seen many wonderful artists come and go from our board. All of them have contributed something to the Louisville theatre landscape, which is an important part of this city that we should all take pride in. However, as that landscape has changed over the years, so have the opportunities available to local artists and the needs of LRC if we want it to maintain its reputation for quality. Because of this, we have decided to fire ourselves.
    If Louisville Repertory Company is going to continue to be a worthwhile venture, to the artists who lend their time and talent, and to our audiences, we have to improve the way we operate. And we have to engage in all aspects of what it takes to operate a quality theatre company as whole heartedly as we engage in acting and directing and designing our shows. We no longer feel that a board comprised of theatre artists (no matter how talented or great to work with) are the ones best equipped for that task. And since that’s what the board of LRC has always been, we’ve dissolved the board.
    But that doesn’t mean that LRC is done. Some of us are currently working on reimagining what kind of board of directors LRC needs and are about to begin a search for new members. We need a board made up of people who have the knowledge and experience in development, fundraising, marketing, finance and other aspects in which we traditionally have had to make due with limited experience. With any luck we will find the right people to make up a board of directors that know how to handle the logistics of a theatre company. Only after that is done will we look at putting together a company – a group of theatre artists to handle the creative and performance element.
    If we find the kind of people we are looking for who are willing to donate their knowledge and time, then LRC will return to the stage in the near future. If not, we are not certain of what will happen with it. Maybe it will continue under someone else’s guidance, maybe not. None of us want to see LRC go away. But we don’t want it to continue on if it’s going to be less than what was before. No matter what happens with LRC, we are very grateful to all our collaborators and patrons for all the help, support, and fun over the years, and you will hear from us in the near future!

    Founded in 1992, Louisville Repertory Company serves the Louisville community by presenting powerful and exciting theatrical performances. Our mission is to appeal to the local community by creating accessible and socially relevant theatre. LRC’s vision is to serve theatre students, support local artists, and entertain the theatre audience.